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What's a phrase scramble you ask?  A phrase scramble is a group of words,  all cut up and mixed up and you need to put the phrase blocks in order to create a saying. We use famous quotes and famous lines from famous songs/books etc.

Each page has 1 phrase scramble, and we have a link to the answers on each phrase scramble page.  Print & Enjoy!

Phrase Scramble 1

Phrase Scramble 2

Phrase Scramble 3

Phrase Scramble 4

Phrase Scramble 5 Phrase Scramble 6
Phrase Scramble 7 Phrase Scramble 8
Phrase Scramble 9 Phrase Scramble 10
Phrase Scramble 11 Phrase Scramble 12
Phrase Scramble 13 Phrase Scramble 14
Phrase Scramble 15 Phrase Scramble 16

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