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New! Number Search Puzzles - challenging & fun!



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You all know what word searches are. They are still one of the favorite kind of word puzzles out there. Here we have tried to create some that are a little more challenging. Many are theme based, some are random. 

Each page has 1 word search, and we have a link to the answers on each word search page. Print & Enjoy! Note: Best to choose "Shrink to Fit" when printing

Word Search 1
Old Testament Books 1
Word Search 2
Old Testament Books 2
Word Search 3
African Countries 1
Word Search 4
African Countries 2
Word Search 5
Asian Countries 1
Word Search 6
Asian Countries 2
Word Search 7
Names of Flowers
Word Search 8
Hybrid Dog Breeds 1
Word Search 9
Hybrid Dog Breeds 2
Word Search 10
Hybrid Dog Breeds 3
Word Search 11
Famous Male Singers
Word Search 12
Famous Female Singers
Word Search 13
United States Presidents
Word Search 14
No. & So. American Countries

Word Search 17
Astronomy Words 1

Word Search 18
Astronomy Words 2

Word Search 21
Letter S Words
Word Search 22
Letter B Words
Word Search 25
Types of Cheese
Word Search 26
African Animals
Word Search 29
Famous Actors
Word Search 30
Famous Actresses
Word Search 15
Math Words
Word Search 16
Science Words
Word Search 19
Letter R Words
Word Search 20
Letter W Words
Word Search 23
Letter O Words
Word Search 24
Letter C Words
Word Search 27
Mammals - Marsupials
Word Search 28
One Word TV Shows
Word Search 31
Weather Words
Word Search 32
Bones of the Human Body

Consider the Wordly Wise curriculum as part of your homeschool vocabulary lessons.


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